Margate Neighbourhood Plan

Margate Neighbourhood Plan area

The Margate Neighbourhood Plan Forum has defined an area:

This defined area is the result of a number of participative workshops, and consideration of social, physical, perceived and administrative boundaries.

Why the area was chosen:

  • It is defined by electoral ward boundaries, which also defines the town's boundary, ensuring a referendum can be administered accordingly
  • It does not knowingly oversail another Neighbourhood Forum boundary
  • The inclusion of the 7 wards will facilitate the consolidation of shared objectives, and aid in avoiding unnecessary duplication between individual neighbourhoods, where these have common concerns and aspirations.
  • The 7 wards cover an area that is understood to be Margate . While areas within Margate have distinct characteristics and can be seen as a collection of smaller neighbourhoods, changes to one area will affect the others.
  • All persons who live and work within the entirety of the 7 constituent Margate wards will benefit from, and can participate in, the positive objectives and legacy of the Margate Neighbourhood Plan
  • The historic value and character of its building stock and heritage assets are Margate wide
  • It will promote strong communication between all of its communities
  • To ensure that the town is developed with consideration for the expressed wishes of all its residents and workers at this critical stage in its regeneration

How the area was chosen:

  • Margate is formed of many communities, who share a desire to see the town sustainably regenerated to its former splendour, ensuring its heritage assets are safeguarded for future generations. The Margate Neighbourhood Forum is formed of representatives from across these various localities, united by this common goal.
  • During all our initial participative Forum meetings, the consideration of the boundary was given much thought and debate amongst members. We used printed maps from the outset for each Forum member to draw an outline of the boundary they felt should be included, which was then consolidated into a single diagram. This discussion was advanced with the use of a large printed Local Plan map, and with reference to the District Council and County Council ward maps. Interaction and debate was encouraged to reach a decision that was ultimately supported by all members by a majority vote.

As a group, we discussed and gave consideration to the following criteria:

  • The Margate coastline forms a significant boundary and should be approached as a whole
  • The green belt perimeter should be safeguarded, to prevent further sprawl towards/ from Broadstairs, which would erode the town's boundary and identity
  • The day-to-day way in which residents and visitors perceive the connected localities within the entire Margate area
  • The group reviewed the established boundaries as currently defined by the District Council Wards, County Council Wards and the former boundaries of the Borough of Margate, as well as perceived boundary lines based upon specific physical features
  • The consideration of a future referendum at the end of the process and how this would be administered
  • The fact that all the localities share an abundance of heritage buildings/ structures, many 'at risk', and open spaces which have common assets and concerns
  • An inclusive and encompassing approach to the uniform issues and objectives across the whole of Margate

The Margate Neighbourhood Plan Forum proposes to be the qualifying body to draw up the Neighbourhood Plan for the area.