Local Plan Update - Engagement

This consultation has now closed. Thank you for your comments.

Thanet Local Plan - Partial Update

The Council is carrying out a partial update of the Thanet Local Plan, including the topics recommended by the previous Local Plan Inspectors. We have prepared two discussion papers and a number of studies that have been undertaken which we would welcome your comments on.

After we have gathered views at this stage, and other further evidence we need, we hope to publish a draft Plan in 2022 which will set out the detailed policies and proposals for the area up to 2040, so there will be a chance to comment again then, before the draft Plan is finalised

If you have any questions and would like to contact the team, please email us at local.plans@thanet.gov.uk, or telephone 01843 577591.

Please send us your views by 5pm on Friday 4 February 2022

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More information about the topics that will be covered in the Local Plan Update, and a proposed timetable, is available in the new Local Development Scheme (LDS) as agreed by Cabinet on 16 December 2021.

Call for Sites

We have re-opened our Call for Sites - please visit our Call for Sites Consultation. Please use our online mapping tool to add a map showing the location of your site. If you submitted sites in our earlier consultation there is no need to re-submit them.  Please note that since the Environment Act came into force, development on any sites that are allocated in the Local Plan will have to contribute towards Biodiversity Net Gain.

Our Discussion Papers

Please comment on our discussion papers by following the links below and using the comments box at the end of the document.

Development Strategy  This is about how we decide where the focus of development should be up to 2040. In the adopted Local Plan, the focus is firstly on the towns and then the larger villages, and the areas next to them,  and this was agreed by the Inspectors who looked at the draft Plan in 2019. The Council needs to consider whether to continue that focus, or to look at another option

Employment Need  This is about the amount of jobs we need to plan for up to 2040.  Kent County Council have carried out some work for us that suggest that we need to plan for sites and buildings that support about 11,000 jobs. We would like to hear people’s views on the range and number of jobs suggested

Time remaining to give us your views


Our Evidence Base Documents

Please use our Response Form to comment on our Evidence Base Documents:

Local Housing Need Update - please click here for a Summary
This is an update on the Housing Needs Assessment, which identifies the amount of housing the Council needs to allocate land for up to 2040 (in line with Government guidance) and provides more information about local housing needs

Retail & Leisure Study  - please click here for a Summary
This is an update of the Retail & Leisure study, which indicates that there is little additional retail floorspace needed until towards 2040

Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report - please click here for a Summary
Accessible version of the Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report
We have to assess the draft Plan against a range of social, economic and environmental criteria, and the draft scoping report proposes what those criteria should be. This report has had comments from Natural England, the Environment Agency and Historic England, but we would also like to hear your comments on whether we have identified the right criteria

Habitats Regulations Assessment Scoping Report - please click here for a Summary
Accessible version of the Habitats Regulations Assessment Scoping Report


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