Statement of Community Involvement Review

Statement of Community Involvement Review - Consultation Draft

5 - What happens to comments that the Council receives?

5.1 Once a formal consultation has ended, the Council will analyse all comments received and identify any changes to be made as a result. (This does not apply to a proposed 'submission' document as these responses are considered by the Planning Inspector). The Council recognises that it is important to report back to the community and other stakeholders on how their comments and suggestions have been taken on board. The Council does not respond to each individual comment, but does respond to common issues that are raised. The Council will publish feedback to all consultations on its website and in document format (eg committee reports). Anyone who has submitted comments will be contacted by email or by post to advise them when feedback is available.

5.2 Comments submitted to us cannot be made anonymously and will be made public alongside the person's name, and if relevant the name of the organisation, body or person being represented. In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), no contact or other personal information will be published and will only be used for the purposes of planning consultations. More information on how people's information is stored and used can be found in the Council's Privacy Statement. The Council is not able to acknowledge receipt of comments, other than through automated responses to emails or comments submitted through the online Consultation Portal.

5.3 Each planning policy document requires a 'Statement of Consultation' which will outline how the SCI has been followed and how the main issues raised during consultations have been addressed.