Thanet's New Local Plan - Options consultation

What is the process for producing the new Local Plan?

The process for producing a Local Plan is set out in statute, regulations, policy and guidance from the government. The following diagram outlines the process we are taking in developing the Local Plan, including what work we have already carried out, where we currently are in the process and what will happen after this consultation.


 Early work  


Engaged with a wide range of stakeholders, including local residents, organisations and agencies whose aspirations, programmes and plans will serve to shape Thanet and its places

2005 an issues and options public consultation took place

November 2009 we consulted on the Core Strategy Preferred Options. A summary of the comments received is available here.

Background work and evidence collection. 


Changes to the planning system that have affected our approach


National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF)published in March 2012 replacing the majority of previous national planning policy

Emphasis is upon local authorities to produce a Local Plan that objectively identifies and then meets the housing, business and other development needs of an area.

Revocation of the Regional Spatial Strategies. The South East Plan 2009 set regional targets for growth, including required housing targets for Thanet to 2026. The South East Plan was revoked on 26th March 2013

Targets for growth must now be determined by the Council, based upon the needs of Thanet.


What we are doing as a result of these changes


We have carried out additional studies that will inform our choices and options in meeting the need for jobs and homes in Thanet.

Considering different options for growth than those presented in the 2009 consultation

Planning for the period to 2031 to cover a 15 year period.

Producing a single Local Plan document, rather than separate Core Strategy, Site Allocations and other Development Plan Documents, in accordance with the NPPF.

  This consultation 

This is the first of three consultations that are proposed to take place prior to the submission of the Plan to the Secretary of State.

It deals with strategic issues, including the overall levels of development and broad strategy for the location of development.

It also deals with general policies that are not specifically strategic issues, covering the topics of housing, economy, environment, quality of life, transport and infrastructure.

At this stage, we are not identifying a preferred strategy or selecting a particular option, but identifying the options that we consider to be reasonable for consideration, although sometimes a particular option clearly emerges from the evidence.

This is a significant stage in the process of developing the Plan, and the Council wants everyone to have a say. Your comments will be used to inform the Council’s decision in selecting the right option.



What happens next



We will consider all of the representations received as part of this consultation

Comments will be used to inform decisions as to the most appropriate strategy and decide on the preferred options

We will consider sites for allocation

A Draft Local Plan will be produced for consultation

  Future consultation (early 2014)


Public consultation of draft plan based upon our preferred strategy

Proposing site allocations for development and detailed policies

 Submission of Local Plan (late 2014)


Draft the final Plan for submission.

Pre-submission consultation

Submission to Secretary of State.

Examination - Where an inspector will consider whether the plan has been positively prepared, and that its policies are justified, effective, pass the legal tests and are in conformity with the NPPF.

  Adoption 2015


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