Thanet's New Local Plan - Options consultation


What is included in this consultation?

The consultation questions set out in this questionnaire are split into 19 issues across four topic areas:

1.      Economy

2.      Housing

3.      Environment and Quality of Life

4.      Transport

The consultation also includes a vision, strategic priorities and objectives for the Local Plan.

The scope of the Local Plan is vast, and national government requires it to be sound, justified and realistic. For this reason, we have included a great level of detail within the document to evidence the issues we face within Thanet and the options that we are considering to address them.

We recommend that you read the background information before answering the related consultation questions. All of the evidence we have collected and topic papers are also available to view here. 

We have also prepared a District profile which provides an overview of the key characteristics, problems, issues and opportunities that need to be addressed.

A glossary of terms and acronyms which are referred to throughout the consultation document is available here. 

How to respond using this consultation portal

To respond to the consultation, you can either work through the whole document, using the 'next' button at the bottom of each page, or look at individual issues by using the menu below. Once you have entered the document you can skip to other issues using the menu which will appear on the left hand side.

You are not required to complete the whole questionnaire, you may respond to as many or as few of the issues as you want. However, it is essential that where you do provide an answer, you give reasons for your answer. There is space provided underneath each question for you to be able to do this.

Click on the 'save your answers' button after the questions on each page to save your comments. At this stage your answers will be submitted to us, however, you are able to come back later if you need to change them or add anything. We will not consider your comments as final until the consultation closes on 14th August 2013. Please ensure that your comments reach us by this date.


A. Vision

B. Strategic Priorities

C. Objectives



1. What level of employment growth should be planned for?

2. How much employment land is needed and where?

3. How can we promote our economic infrastructure assets?

4. How should Thanet's town centres develop?

5. How can we support the rural economy?

6. How can we support the visitor economy?

7. How can we support communications infrastructure and home working?



8. How many homes do we need to provide?

9. Where should our new homes be provided?

10. What types of new homes do we need to provide?


Environment and Quality of Life

11. How do we maintain a physical separation of open countryside between Thanet's towns and villages?

12. How do we ensure that new development respects Thanet's important and valued views and landscapes?

13. How do we protect, maintain and enhance Thanet's green infrastructure to better support wildlife and human health?

14. How can we adapt to, and mitigate against, the effects of climate change?

15. Which policies do we need to maintain a safe and healthy environment?

16. How can we provide high quality homes, developments and neighbourhoods?

17. How can we protect and enhance Thanet's heritage assets and their settings?

18. How should we plan for community facilities?



19. How can we enable an efficient and effective transport system?