Proposed Modifications to the Thanet Local Plan

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Response Date 09 Jan 2020

1)A density of 35 dwellings per hectare(net) is noted in the Plan, but the Millwood Homes exhibition stated that only part of the development would be that density, and in other parts there would be densities of up to 48 dwellings per hectare. This does not comply with the Local Plan. Why has the minimum requirement of 17.5ha of open space been reduced to 16ha? The functional green space/corridor between the existing urban edge and new development at Westgate was deleted on the Millwood Homes plan apparently due to safety concerns. The Plan should state that local residents opinions should be taken into account on this matter. See my comments on MM/032
4) A new medical centre is to be built to serve the needs of the new residents. (It is important that existing medical centre in Westgate is retained because it is wholly impractical for aged residents and the many care home residents to travel to a new location some distance away, and unknown to them. That would be a totally unstainable outcome.

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