Proposed Modifications to the Thanet Local Plan

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Respondent Nicole Burnett - Gladman [View all comments by this respondent]
Response Date 23 Jan 2020

Gladman note that the policy replaces former Policy HO2 and essentially ‘upgrades’ the allocation at land north and south of Shottendane Road to a strategic housing allocation. Gladman support this change in policy, but has the following comments about the MM as it has been drafted.

2.6.2 In the first instance, Gladman notes that the policy divides the residential elements so that up to 300 units can be provided on the northern field parcel and up to 250 units on the southern
parcel. To ensure there is sufficient flexibility in delivery, Gladman suggest that the policy is amended to state that the number of residential dwellings expected in each field parcel can be varied if it is in the best interest of on-site masterplanning and on the proviso that the total number of dwellings delivered between both parcels does not exceed 550 units.

Referring next to Clause one of the policy, this states that a minimum of 4.4 ha of open space will be required, which may be spread across both the north and south parcels. In comparison
to the submission Local Plan it is acknowledged this quantum has been reduced from 6.23 ha. Whilst the importance of sufficient on site open space is not disputed, the allocation also
expects the delivery of a local distributor link road between Shottendane Road and Manston Road, along with new roundabouts on Shottendane Road, Manston Road and Hartsdown Road. Given that the site’s existing topography is undulating, the creation of a link road and roundabouts will lead to land take over and above what would be expected by standard
residential estate roads.

2.6.4 In view of this, and in order to prevent any potential competing policy demands, Gladman suggest that the reference to a minimum requirement of 4.4 ha in the policy is removed and
replaced by an overall requirement to provide an appropriate amount of onsite open space of up to 4.4 ha that’s suitability is to be assessed as part masterplanning exercise. This approach will ensure that the Council retains control over how much open space is accommodated,without imposing minimum requirements that could stifle other on-site development coming forward.

2.6.5 With reference to Clause two of the policy, this states that the masterplan should include linkages to new existing public transport infrastructure. To provide some degree of flexibility
Gladman would suggest that the clause is amended to state, where feasible, linkages to new and existing public transport infrastructure should be included in any masterplan for the site.
2.6.6 Whilst fully supportive of the allocation, Gladman suggest that the above amendments are required to ensure the policy is effective and the site remains deliverable over the plan period.


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