Proposed Modifications to the Thanet Local Plan

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Response Date 27 Jan 2020

We support this policy as far as it goes - To achieve these objectives the LPA will need to co-operate with , not fight against, rural farmers and landowners in the way explained elsewhere . A much more flexible approach needs to be taken to allow initiatives that maintain the economic viability of holdings AND provide green infrastructure enhancement. No recognition is given to those landowners, and their families who have done all these things voluntarily and philanthropically in the past. The shelterbelts and bridlepaths in the Northdown area are precisely the type of green corridors being advocated now. Northdown park gifted to Margate Borough provides a valued open space and wildlife habitat, likewise 'Taddy's allotment provides a valued space for the community to engage in horticulture and engage with nature. No 'credit' is given for any of these legacies. Environmental protection measures are instead enforced rigorously against persons those persons such as myself, who tries hardest to provide additional environmental enhancement voluntarily and willingly. I face high costs of roadside tree management , at the same time as having to manage the same trees in accordance with TPO's - I am caught in an intolerable catch 22 position , between the two agencies with conflicting demands. Likewise for 35 years any attempt to amend any existing footpaths by landowners to provide a more up to date, connective  and easy to manage footpath network have been refused. There is no mechanism or funding in place for new permissive paths, or mechanism for compensation/ management fee to be paid for the creation of such paths - walkers do not stay on the existing networks of paths in any event but wander freely , and landowners face the risk of new rights being established over their land  'adversely' if they do not seek to limit such access. 

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