Proposed Modifications to the Thanet Local Plan

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Agent Mark Buxton - RPS
Response Date 27 Jan 2020

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For the reasons set out in our duly made representations to the Submission Local Plan we continue to have concerns over the Local Plan’s reliance on a handful of strategic sites to deliver a substantial proportion of the district’s housing needs over the plan period.

Following the deletion of a mixed use development at Manston Airport from the Proposed Revisions to the Local Plan these large sites were proposed to accommodate additional housing development to make up the shortfall as follows:

SP14 Birchington – increased from 1,000 to 1,600 dwellings

SP15 Westgate – increased from 1,000 to 2,000 dwellings

SP18 Manston Court/Haine Road – increased from 700 to 1,200 dwellings (now 1,400 in the Main Modifications MM/039)

HO2 North and South of Shottendane Road – increased from 250 to 550 dwellings (now Policy SP18A in the Main Modifications MM/040)

The Council has reworked the trajectory following submission of the Local Plan such that these sites are now not expected to start delivering units until 2020/2021 at the earliest. If indeed these sites do deliver houses in line with the trajectory in 2020/2021 (a total of 105 across 3 of the above 4 sites) this will be 10 years into the 20 year plan period. The high level of historic shortfall in the housing supply and the reliance on a stepped trajectory is partly a consequence of an over emphasis on a handful of strategic sites. The Local Plan should therefore look to allocate a wider range of smaller housing sites in sustainable locations which are able to be delivered relatively more quickly, such as Land North of Millennium Way. The spatial strategy will also need to be revisited in the early review of the Local Plan irrespective of the outcome of the DCO for Manston Airport.

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