Proposed Modifications to the Thanet Local Plan

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Response Date 27 Jan 2020

The County Council notes that these paragraphs provide a list of green infrastructure suggestions; however, it is also recommended that the policy make reference to the mitigation hierarchy, detailed below. The need to retain biodiversity is particularly important given the provisions within the Environmental Bill introducing mandatory net gain. The ‘mitigation hierarchy’ described in British Standard BS 42020:2013, involves the following step-wise process:

• Avoidance – avoiding adverse effects through good design;

• Mitigation – where it is unavoidable, mitigation measures should be employed to minimise adverse effects;

• Compensation – where residual effects remain after mitigation it may be necessary to provide compensation to offset any harm;

• Enhancement – planning decisions often present the opportunity to deliver benefits for biodiversity, which can also be explored alongside the above measures to resolve potential adverse effects.

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