Proposed Revisions to Draft Local Plan (Preferred Options)

1. Preferred Options Revisions

Section 10 - New Policy - Land at Manston Road/Shottendane Road, Margate

HO2 Additional Site - Land at Manston Road/Shottendane Road, Margate

Land is allocated for up to 250 dwellings at a maximum density of 35 dwellings per hectare net at Manston Road/Shottendane Road.  Phasing of development will be in accordance with the amendments to Appendix B.  Proposals will be judged and permitted only in accordance with a development brief and masterplan for the whole site.  The masterplan should be informed by a transport assessment and travel plan including an assessment of impact on the local road network and demonstrating measures to promote multi-modal access.  Development will incorporate and provide for highways improvements identified in the Thanet Transport Strategy.

Master planning will:

    • Provide an appropriate mix of dwellings to meet the requirements of Policy SP18
    • Provide affordable housing to meet the requirements of Policy SP19 (**NB SP19 is being amended to request affordable housing for more than 10 units)
    • Provide one electric car charging point for every 10 parking spaces provided
    • Consider accommodating any self-build requirements included in the self-build register
    • Contribute towards the Strategic Access Management and Monitoring scheme to meet the requirements of SP25
    • Include an assessment of the sites functionality as a roosting or feeding resource for the interest features of the Thanet Coast and Sandwich Bay Special Protection Area, including areas within 400m of the development sites boundary, and provide mitigation where necessary
    • Retain existing boundary features where possible
    • Provide a connection to the sewerage system at the nearest point of adequate capacity, in collaboration with the service provider
    • Allow future access to the existing water supply infrastructure for maintenance and upsizing purposes
    • Provide for the installation of digital infrastructure
    • Provide a Statement of Social Impacts addressing any needs identified in the Infrastructure Delivery Plan.

Disposition of development and landscaping will be expected to enable a soft edge between the site and the open countryside


 Manston rd Shottendane rd

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