Proposed Revisions to Draft Local Plan (Preferred Options)

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Response Date 01 Feb 2017
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Can someone explain to me by cutting the transport links out of Thanet (removing the airport) and not improving them (the new train station wont improve transport links), how can TDC accept the 17000 new homes figure?

Thanet has 3 roads of Thanet and that is it... These roads can only take so much and adding 17000 homes or a minimum of 34000 cars will make these roads full and unable to cope. Due to this fact businesses will not come to Thanet as too congested and not London. These plans will make the most densely populated area in Kent overtaking Dartford and Medway on the way to the magical 17000 figure.

By removing the airport Thanet will become issolated and another major X factor for Thanet will have vanished and another business estate will not even scratch the surface.

I am sure the Local plan can ignore the 17000 if the jobs are not here or not willing to come here. I believe the 17000 figure is massively too large for the area. What will happen if the figure goes up to 20000 or 50000 will TDC allow reclaimation from the sea to make Thanet larger? There is not a lot of non floodland farm left if these plans go ahead...

How can SHP plan 2500 new homes but do not create enough jobs for these houses? Seems stupid especially as Thanet has one of the highest unemployment rates in the South East of England. The Local plan needs to say if large developments are being planned there should be a minimum number of jobs for the people who are living there.

I do not want Thanet to become a large Council Estate #ThanetISNotACouncilEstate

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