Proposed Revisions to Draft Local Plan (Preferred Options)

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Response Date 17 Mar 2017
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The grossly excessive housing demand figure of 17,140 will overwhelm Thanet's already fragile infrastructure and the Draft Infrastructure Delivery Plan does not reassure me the social framework of the area will survive such an onslought of demand from incomers. Although on p. 13 of the document , some sensible alterations to the existing road network are suggested, this cannot alter the huge increase in traffic ( plus consequential air pollution) generated by new housing.

None of us can live without water and Thanet is one of the driest places in GB. A dry winter and hot summer will put us all on standpipes NOW, let alone more and more people's demands. P.20 mentions the proposed Broad Oak reservoir, which has been argued about for the last 20 years ! I believe electricity pylons are going through the valley!

P24 is a simplistic attempt to assuage doubts about the viability of the Health services coping with such a huge increase in patients, but states the truth of the matter on p.25, that at present the sites can't cope with the demand. Having new buildings will not solve the root problem of recruiting hospital doctors and GPs to the area !

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