Proposed Revisions to Draft Local Plan (Preferred Options)

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Response Date 17 Mar 2017
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Section 9 of the PRDLP confirms TDC is working with relevant agencies to ensure that future infrastructure requirements, including timings, are identified and provided in a timely manner alongside new development. A draft Infrastructure Delivery Plan (IDP) sets out the infrastructure requirements and known costs, as well as phasing requirements and identification of the party responsible for delivery.

4.2. TDC acknowledge in paragraph 9.3 of the PRDLP that the IDP is subject to ongoing independent viability assessment. Furthermore, paragraph 9.4 notes that the Council has undertaken viability assessments to ensure that key infrastructure can be delivered at the appropriate time. However, the IDP confirms, within the schedule of Local Plan key infrastructure, that the cost of the majority of key infrastructure projects are unknown at this stage.

4.3. Paragraph 41 of the IDP states that the infrastructure projects are directly linked to the needs of new development and therefore will be delivered through developer obligations. Little evidence is demonstrated to support this point and limited detail is given as to the level of obligations required for individual sites. For example, improvements linked to the Strategic Routes policy are identified to be allocated to specific housing sites, with no further information provided. Therefore, it is not possible at this stage for comment to be provided as to how the New Implementation Policy will impact on the viability of sites and consequently the deliverability of the wider Local Plan.

We broadly support the New Implementation Policy and the intention of the Council to seek developer contributions to deliver the required infrastructure, but TDC must ensure that the costs are proportionally distributed between developments across the District including those that are small scale, windfall and strategic in nature and are directly relevant to the scale of growth.


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