Proposed Revisions to Draft Local Plan (Preferred Options)

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Response Date 17 Mar 2017
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To support growth it is essential that infrastructure is delivered at the right scale and at the appropriate time; KCC welcomes the proposed policy which seeks to secure this principle. It is a core requirement that the draft Local Plan is deliverable, realistic and underpinned by an understanding of viability. The County Council expects section 106 contributions to continue to play a significant role in funding infrastructure particularly for the largest allocations requiring significant on and off site provision.

It is however recognised that the viability of individual sites within the Local Plan may vary across the Thanet District. TDC’s intention to seek alternative forms of infrastructure funding is welcomed and following the supported inclusion of Thanet in the Thames Estuary Growth Commission’s boundary, KCC will work with the District Council in identifying infrastructure requirements and lobbying for necessary funding; maximising the opportunities associated with the Growth Commission’s wider economic development vision.

The preparation of the District Council’s draft Infrastructure Delivery Plan (IDP) outlining the Thanet’s infrastructure requirements is noted and the inclusion of KCC services within the IDP is supported. The County Council will continue to engage with TDC to review requirements as it is essential this document is updated on a regular basis. It will also support the update of the Kent and Medway Growth and Infrastructure Framework (September 2015) which will set out an updated strategic overview of the following: growth requirements; required infrastructure and costs; funding gaps; and addressing funding implications.

Highways and Transportation

Paragraph 9.5 makes reference to the use of Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO) powers for infrastructure delivery and suggests that consideration will be given by the District Council – as Local Planning Authority – to its use. It is imperative that the Local Planning Authority is fully committed to using its statutory CPO powers where necessary, to assist in the acquirement of third party land and in turn secure road improvements on the scale of those indicated in Sections 1 and 8. Therefore, it is recommended that such a commitment is reinforced in the wording of the proposed strategic policy.


With regard to paragraph 9.1, the location and funding sources for required education infrastructure must be determined by the District Council in consultation with the County Council, as part of local plan and infrastructure delivery plan preparation.

KCC’s Commissioning Plan for Education Provision in Kent 2017 – 2021 is a rolling five-year plan that sets out a vision for future education provision in Kent to address increasing demand. The Plan provides the template for schools and other providers to work closely with the County Council – as Local Education Authority – to ensure each Kent child has access to a good or outstanding education. The Commissioning Plan is updated on an annual basis and further engagement with TDC on this, as well as other education infrastructure matters would be welcomed.

Planned growth in the Thanet District is forecast to generate approximately an additional 4,340 primary pupils and 3,100 secondary pupils. In order to accommodate the increased demand, the following provision will be required:

Primary Education

6 x 2 FE primary schools:

2 FE at Manston Green

2 x 2 FE at Stone Hill Park

2 FE at Westwood Cross

2 FE at Westgate or Birchington

2 FE at Manston Court Rd / Haine Road

0.5 FE primary provision at St Gregory’s RCPS (to be managed within the expanded and newly established school provision, when required)

The District Council will be required to identify and allocate sufficient land and financial contributions to enable the County Council to procure the construction of primary and secondary schools.

Funding for the above education infrastructure will need to be identified and secured at the following indicative unit rates:

 2 FE primary school construction cost - £6,802,878

 6 FE secondary school construction cost - £22,500,000

 2 FE secondary school expansion cost - £7,500,000

The above costs are subject to review associated with the reassessment of build costs reflecting sector inflation between now and the point of commissioning the schools. Further engagement with the District Council on education infrastructure matters would be welcomed.


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