Draft Thanet Local Plan - 2031 - Pre-Submission Publication, Regulation 19

Strategic Housing Site Allocations

3.17 The existing built up areas of the district will continue to deliver additional housing. However, a significant amount of greenfield housing land is required to meet the housing target. Assessment has revealed that some of the suitable and sustainably located greenfield sites identified are large and some are adjoining or in mutual proximity. These sites provide the opportunity to deliver development at a scale that will serve both to facilitate a step change in delivering the type of homes required to meet need and secure the infrastructure required to support them. Such large and clustered sites have been identified as strategic housing allocations that will be of particular importance in delivering the Plan's housing objectives.

3.18 The geographical extent indicated for individual strategic site allocations represents the anticipated maximum land requirement. Proposals will be expected to consider, and where possible accommodate, notional maximum dwelling capacities indicated together with all other relevant policy requirements within a lower level of greenfield land take. This section identifies, and sets out policies for, housing sites of strategic significance to the Local Plan strategy.

3.19 The sites listed below are identified as Strategic Housing Sites. Applications to develop such sites shall be accompanied by a detailed development brief including an illustrative site masterplan featuring all elements of the proposal and indicating phasing of development and supporting infrastructure. Applications will be determined in light of the following site specific policies:

SP13 Manston Green

SP14 Birchington on Sea

SP15 Westgate on Sea

SP16 Westwood

SP17 Land fronting Nash and Haine Roads

SP18 Land at Manston Court/Haine Road

HO2 Land north and South of Shottendane Road