Draft Thanet Local Plan - 2031 - Pre-Submission Publication, Regulation 19

Provision of accessible natural and semi-natural green space

4.67 The provision of larger areas of open space will be delivered most appropriately through strategic allocations and should be considered integral to the masterplanning of development proposals.

4.68 The Open Space Strategy (2017) identifies an under provision of natural and semi-natural green space based on the fields in trust guidelines of 1.8ha per 1,000 population, of 190.19ha by 2031. New developments will be required to make provision in line with the Fields in Trust guidelines.

4.69 Alternative natural and semi-natural open space on new developments can also help to relieve some of the recreational pressure on the coast particularly that associated with the impact on protected species as highlighted in the Strategic Access Management and Monitoring Plan (SAMM).

4.70 The following policy seeks to ensure the recommended provision of natural and semi natural green space, parks, gardens and recreation grounds is provided for and will contribute to Thanet's Green Infrastructure network.

Policy SP31 - Provision of Accessible Natural and Semi Natural Green Space, Parks, Gardens and Recreation Grounds

The Council will require suitably and conveniently located areas of usable amenity space, adequate to accommodate the demands for passive recreation generated by residential development. New greenspace provision should, where possible, be linked to existing greenspace, Green Wedges and/or the wider countryside and public rights of way network, away from the coast, to maximise its value. Such provision should seek to enhance the opportunities for biodiversity.

Sites of 50 dwellings or more will be required to provide natural and semi natural green space and local parks, formal gardens, allotments and recreation grounds to meet the standards set out in Table 12. Natural and Semi-natural green space will be expected to improve the biodiversity potential of the area

The Council will expect appropriate arrangements for maintenance and management to be made. The responsibility for which will be vested in a particular individual, or, subject to commuted payment to meet such costs, in the district, town or parish council. Such arrangements will be secured by entering into a planning agreement.

Any areas of accessible natural and semi natural green space, parks, gardens and recreation grounds created by virtue of this policy will be protected from development by policy SP29- Protection of Open Spaces.