Draft Thanet Local Plan - 2031 - Pre-Submission Publication, Regulation 19

QEQM Hospital Margate

5.5 Land is identified on the policies map for the future expansion of the hospital to meet future needs to the south-east of the existing hospital. Part of this land was previously designated as Green Wedge land, but has been released exceptionally to meet the health and social needs of local people. However, in order to safeguard the Green Wedge in the longer term, new development at the hospital should involve the minimum fresh land-take necessary. Accordingly the Council will expect all elements of detailed expansion proposals to make the most efficient use of the existing and allocated site. This should include appropriate use of multi-storey development as far as is compatible with the effective working of the site and the creation of a pleasant environment for both patients and staff, and limiting visual impact on the Green Wedge. 

5.6 To minimise the visual impact of new development on the Green Wedge, it would be desirable for open uses, such as car parking, to be located on this site rather than amongst the high-density development within the existing hospital. Existing tree screens along Ramsgate Road and along the footpath should be retained wherever possible. In the interests of sustainable pedestrian and cycle movement it is desirable that a route as direct as possible is retained for the existing footpath connecting Ramsgate Road with St Peter's Road. 

5.7 The hospital has frontages to Ramsgate Road and St Peter's Road, both of which are Primary Distributors in the local road hierarchy and where it is important to maintain free flow of cross-town and longer distance traffic. In supporting improvement and expansion of the hospital it is essential that the opportunity be taken to rationalise and improve current access arrangements. Specific proposals will be required to reflect a traffic impact assessment of such proposals and to incorporate suitable access improvements to accommodate any resultant increases in traffic and appropriate access for 'Blue Light' vehicles. 

5.8 The hospital is already a major generator of traffic in the area, and the Council will wish to see the implementation of a Green Transport Strategy for the hospital, which can be implemented in parallel with development permitted by this Policy. An essential element of this Strategy should be to encourage the greater use of public transport by staff and visitors. The creation of new staff accommodation on site should help to work towards this objective.

Policy SP37 - QEQM Hospital, Margate

Land to the south-east of the existing QEQM Hospital, Margate, is identified for release for expansion of the hospital. No other development will be permitted on this site. 

Development for hospital purposes should meet the following criteria:

  1. Proposals should be designed to involve the minimum take of fresh land, consistent with the need to provide a pleasant environment for patients and staff;
  2. Development proposals should demonstrate how more effective use can be made of the hospital site as a whole;
  3. Proposals should incorporate the retention of the existing footpath and provision of a substantial landscaping screen;
  4. Proposals should incorporate a comprehensive review of access arrangements associated with the hospital and access provision should reflect the findings of a specific traffic impact assessment;
  5. Proposals should be compatible with a green transport strategy for the hospital;
  6. The level of car parking associated with new development should be limited to the minimum necessary within the context of the green transport strategy; and
  7. New parking areas should, as far as possible, be located on the newly allocated site.

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5.9 In addition to the hospital allocation the Thanet Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) has identified a need for a new medical centre at Westwood. There are a number of strategic allocations in the Westwood area and a new medical centre is required to meet the needs of the new community arising out of these developments.

Policy SP38 - New Medical Centre at Westwood

A new medical centre is required at Westwood to meet the needs generated by the strategic allocations. The Council will work with the CCG, developers and other appropriate organisations to identify a suitable site.