Draft Thanet Local Plan - 2031 - Pre-Submission Publication, Regulation 19

Strategic Road Network

6.21 The Council, with KCC, has carried out a high-level assessment of the potential of the Local Plan proposals on the strategic road network, to a methodology agreed with Highways England, notably in relation to the Brenley Corner junction with the M2, and the junctions of the A256 with the A2 near Dover.

6.22 This work has concluded that the potential impact is very limited, and not significant in the context of wider traffic patterns at these junctions.

6.23 Kent County Council and Thanet District Council are preparing a new Transport Strategy for the District, which includes proposals for new and improved roads and junctions; enhancements to bus and train services and an expansion of the cycling/walking network.

Policy SP46 - Strategic Road Network

In conjunction with neighbouring districts, the Council will prepare a joint assessment of planned development and the expected volume and direction of road traffic movement it would generate, to understand its potential impact on these junctions and how this may, if appropriate, be mitigated.