Draft Thanet Local Plan - 2031 - Pre-Submission Publication, Regulation 19

Strategic Routes

6.24 The key element of the emerging Strategy is the development of a proposed "Inner Circuit" to serve new development and reduce pressure on the existing network. This incorporates a new bypass for Birchington; a relief road for Westgate; connections to Westwood from the north-west and south; and improved connections to Manston Business Park, and should bring benefits to the wider road network.  It is intended that the Inner Circuit schemes will incorporate provision for buses and cycling.

6.25 These road proposals are required to support proposed new development in the area, and the routes are safeguarded in this draft Local Plan to ensure that they can be completed in due course alongside the development set out in the draft Local Plan. As set out in the working draft of the Infrastructure Delivery Plan, this infrastructure is regarded as critical to support the development proposed in the draft Local Plan, and it is expected that all new development will contribute to the provision of all key infrastructure in a proportionate and appropriate way.  The Council, with its partners, will also seek other forms of funding, to support infrastructure provision.

SP47 - Strategic Routes

The following areas, as shown on the Policies Map, are safeguarded for the provision of key road schemes and junction improvements, to support the implementation of the Thanet Transport Strategy, including land at:

  1. Birchington strategic housing site
  2. B2050 Manston Road, Birchington
  3. Shottendane Road (from Birchington to Margate)
  4. Shottendane Road-Manston Road housing site
  5. Nash Road-Manston Road housing site
  6. Nash Road, Margate
  7. Nash Road-Westwood strategic housing site
  8. Manston Court Road/Star Lane (from Haine Road, Westwood to B2050 Manston Road)
  9. B2050 Manston Road (from Manston Court Road to Spitfire Junction)
  10. B2190 Spitfire Way (from Spitfire Junction to Columbus Avenue junction)
  11. From Columbus Way to Manston Road, Birchington
  12. Land between A254 Margate Road and A256 Westwood Road (including Millennium Way), Broadstairs
  13. Victoria Traffic Lights
  14. Coffin House Corner Traffic Lights

The Council expects all new development to make a proportionate and appropriate contribution to the provision of this key infrastructure.