Draft Thanet Local Plan - 2031 - Pre-Submission Publication, Regulation 19

7 - Economy

Retention of existing employment sites

7.1 The Council considers that it is essential to retain employment premises in order to conserve stock for future use. Sites have been assessed for their compatibility with the plan's employment land strategy. The sites listed below contribute positively and are retained and protected for employment purposes accordingly.

7.2 Some sites have been identified as suitable for flexible uses. Flexible uses will be restricted to these areas. It is important that traditional employment uses on retained sites are not compromised by incompatible flexible uses that lead to conflicts such as statutory noise and nuisance complaints and highway safety issues.

Policy E01 - Retention of existing employment sites

The following sites will be retained for employment uses falling within Use Classes B1 and B8 in locations close to residential areas, with additional B2 in appropriate locations away from residential development:

    1. All sites specifically identified under Policy SP03; and
    2. Existing business sites and premises identified set out below:
      • Cromptons site, Poorhole Lane, Broadstairs
      • Pysons Road Industrial Estate, Broadstairs
      • Thanet Reach Business Park (part), Broadstairs
      • Dane Valley Industrial Estate St.Peters, Broadstairs*
      • Northdown Industrial Estate St.Peters, Broadstairs
      • Manston Business Park (part), Manston
      • Manston Green, Manston
      • Manston Road Depot, Margate
      • Westwood Industrial Estate, Margate*(part)
      • Fullers Yard, Victoria Road, Margate
      • All Saints Industrial Estate, Margate
      • Laundry Road Industrial Estate Minster
      • Eurokent (part), Ramsgate*
      • Leigh Road Industrial Estate, Ramsgate
      • St. Lawrence Industrial Estate, Ramsgate
      • Princes Road Depot/Pioneer Business Park, Ramsgate
      • Whitehall Road Industrial Estate, Ramsgate
      • Hedgend Industrial Estate, Thanet Way, St.Nicholas-at-Wade
      • Tivoli Industrial Estate, Margate
      • Manston Road Industrial Estate (part), Ramsgate

* these are flexible employment sites, where wider employment generating uses will be allowed in addition to B1, B2 and B8 uses. Development must be compatible with neighbouring uses. Proposals for main town centre uses should also comply with Policy E05 - the sequential test. These uses will be expected to contribute towards the Local Employment and Training Fund.

7.3 Flexible uses include leisure, tourism and other town centre uses which, due to scale and format cannot be accommodated within town centres. They also include uses known as sui generis which do not fall into a category in the Use Classes Order. These include uses such as car showrooms and crèches.