Draft Thanet Local Plan - 2031 - Pre-Submission Publication, Regulation 19

Home Working

7.4 The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) requires the Council to plan for flexible working practices such as the integration of residential and commercial uses within the same unit.

7.5 The proportion of people that are home working is relatively high in Thanet according to the Economic and Employment Assessment 2012. It is not clear from the evidence whether these are small local business starting up from home or employees of companies potentially located outside the district. In either case this is considered beneficial to Thanet's economy as a result of money spent in the district. The co-location of home and work can reduce car use, and is therefore environmentally sustainable, particularly bearing in mind the growth of fast broadband. It is therefore considered important that improvements to digital infrastructure are supported.

7.6 Flexible office space (workhubs) with professional equipment and meeting space that can be hired and used in an ad hoc manner by home based workers can also support home working. Business advice may also be important. It is considered that these facilities can be accommodated on identified business parks or in the town centres.

7.7 Some small scale home working may not require planning permission. However, where home-working does require planning permission, consideration should be given to the impacts upon the neighbourhood, including for example traffic, noise and disturbance.

The Council supports home working proposals but wishes to ensure that any potential impact is acceptable, as set out in the following policies.

Policy E02 - Home Working

Proposals for the establishment of a business operating from a residential property will be permitted, provided that it can be demonstrated that the proposed use would not result in:

1) Detrimental impacts on residential amenity by reason of dust, noise, smell, fumes or other emissions;

2) Additional traffic flows or vehicle parking in the vicinity, at a level that would be harmful to residential amenity or highway safety; or

3) The erosion of the residential character of the area.



Policy E03 - Digital Infrastructure

Proposals for the installation of digital infrastructure will be required on allocated sites in this plan.

Retro-fitting in existing urban areas and villages will be supported, subject to no detrimental impacts on listed buildings, the character and appearance of conservation areas and historic landscapes