Draft Thanet Local Plan - 2031 - Pre-Submission Publication, Regulation 19

District and Local Centres

8.7 District and Local Centres perform an important role in the retail hierarchy catering for basket and top up shopping located in sustainable locations often walkable from residential areas. Developments in local parades and centres should primarily serve the community within which they are located with catchment areas of not more than 800 metres.

8.8 Thanet's District Centres consist of Cliftonville, Birchington, Westgate and Minster. There are number of smaller local centres throughout the district.

8.9 The important function of District and Local Centres, particularly the services they provide for the elderly and infirm should not be compromised by an overconcentration of residential accommodation.

Policy E06 - District and Local Centres

Proposals for additional shopping provision at traditional District and Local Centres will be permitted where the proposals meet a local need, are of a scale appropriate to the particular centre and not more than 1000 square metres.

Residential accommodation will be permitted in District and Local Centres where this would not fragment or erode the commercial frontages of such locations to a degree that compromises footfall or otherwise undermines the function of the centre.