Draft Thanet Local Plan - 2031 - Pre-Submission Publication, Regulation 19

11 - Housing

Identification and Release of Housing Land for Development

Allocated sites

11.1 Sites allocated for housing (including strategic site allocations) are shown on the maps and featured in a list of housing site allocations in Appendix B. Notional dwelling unit capacities indicated are for the purposes of illustrating total land supply and do not signify that consent will be granted for particular numbers of dwellings at any site. Capacity on individual sites will be considered in light of planning policy and usual development management considerations.

11.2 The geographical extent indicated for site allocations affecting greenfield land represents the anticipated maximum land requirement. Proposals will be expected to consider, and where possible accommodate, notional maximum dwelling capacities indicated together with all other relevant policy requirements within a lower level of greenfield land take.

11.3 Sites will be released for development over specific time periods. The purpose of this is to ensure that the rate of release and take up is reasonably related to expected need and demand, taking account of the economic strategy and geared to planned infrastructure provision. Indicative phasing is shown as "notional delivery period" in the list at Appendix B.

11.4 This Local Plan does not identify or allocate potential housing sites likely to accommodate four or less dwellings. Such proposals will be assessed in relation to policy HO1.

11.5 Land allocated for residential use will be safeguarded for that purpose in the interest of maintaining a suitable, sustainable and sufficient land supply and reducing the need to find less sustainable alternatives.

Unidentified housing sites

11.6 Sites not previously identified and allocated in Local Plans (sometimes referred to as "windfall" sites") have contributed significantly in recent years to housing delivery in the district. It is anticipated that these will continue to come forward. Such opportunities can serve to make effective use of previously developed land and contribute towards the housing land supply. For the purposes of the following policy, previously developed land is as defined in the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) and does not include residential gardens.

11.7 In the case of any allocation or unidentified housing site affecting a site within defined town centre primary frontages, within Margate seafront and harbour arm or Margate Old Town, residential development will be restricted to above ground floor level (in accordance with policies E04 and SP08)

 Policy HO1- Housing Development

Permission for new housing development will be granted on:

1) Sites allocated for such purposes, subject to consistency with indicative phasing in Appendix B.

2) Non-allocated sites within the existing built up confines consisting of previously developed land.

3) Residential gardens where not judged harmful to the local area in terms of the character and amenity considerations set out in Policy QD02.

and provided that all the following criteria are met:

4) Proposals comply with the requirements of SP12- General Housing Policy and the relevant area specific housing objectives set out in the housing strategy section are addressed, and

5) It is demonstrated that adequate infrastructure will be in place to serve each unit ready for occupation.

6) Satisfactory details are provided showing how any physical conditions including land stability and contamination, affecting the site can be overcome.

Alternative development on sites allocated for residential development will not be permitted.

11.8 Housing delivery will be monitored annually, and a housing implementation strategy will be put in place to facilitate delivery across the plan period including action that may be taken if necessary to maintain a rolling 5 year supply of deliverable housing sites.