Draft Thanet Local Plan - 2031 - Pre-Submission Publication, Regulation 19

Landscaping and Green Infrastructure in New Developments

12.19 A positive natural environment can have economic benefits by making the area a place where people want to live. New developments should contribute to and enhance the natural environment.

12.20 Green infrastructure can be created through landscaping and design by providing wildlife corridors and stepping stones in new developments, creating links between existing habitats. This can contribute to people's health and well-being by keeping people in touch with their natural environment, providing opportunities for residents to manage their local environment and reinforce a sense of community.

12.21 Landscaping can create a pleasant setting for development, provide shade from the sun and pollution attenuation as trees and shrubs absorb water and dust. It should be an integral part of the design of a development, rather than consisting of 'offcuts' of leftover land or as a way of camouflaging poor design.

12.22 Landscaping designs should, in the first instance, be related to each plot of land so that each future owner would be responsible for its upkeep, reducing the burden on Council resources. If this is not possible or desirable, commuted payments through legal agreements may be negotiated in appropriate circumstances. Accordingly, landscaping matters should be considered at the earliest stages of the design process. For developments that fall within the identified landscape character areas, further guidance is available within the landscape strategy for each character areas in the 2017 assessment.

12.23 Thanet has relatively few trees. The Council will therefore seek to retain existing trees as part of any proposed developments through the making of Tree Preservation Orders and through use of planning conditions where appropriate. British Standard BS5837: 2012 (Guide for Trees in Relation to Design, Demolition and Construction) gives guidance regarding the best approach to new site development in relation to existing trees.

12.24 The Council seeks to retain hedges and other semi-natural habitat, such as ponds and species-rich grassland, together with new planting, as they lend maturity to a development and can enhance biodiversity and wildlife habitats, through the following policy.

Policy GI06 - Landscaping and Green Infrastructure

When a development proposal requires a design and access statement, it will include a landscape survey. The landscape survey should describe the current landscape features on the application site, and demonstrate how the proposed development will provide landscaping and Green Infrastructure to enhance the setting of the development, where possible and appropriate, to:

  • Create an attractive environment for users and occupiers
  • Establish a sense of enclosure with hedges and trees
  • Soften hard building lines and the impact of new buildings
  • Provide screening from noise and sun
  • Create new wildlife corridors and stepping stones
  • Create new wildlife habitats and improve biodiversity
  • Retain historic features including boundaries and layouts
  • Improve connectivity between new and existing features

The developer will need to satisfy the Council that adequate arrangements to ensure continued maintenance of landscaping has been made. The Council may seek to secure arrangements for this purpose through a planning agreement.



12.25 Jackey Bakers sports ground is Thanet's main area for sports and recreation purposes. The site provides the best opportunity to both enhance existing facilities, and in the longer term, to increase the level of facilities.

12.26 Any new sports development may be supported by a limited development of D2 (leisure facilities) or A3 (restaurants) or D1 (community facilities) uses to subsidise the sporting use and ensure it is viable. Any such proposal will need to be subject to a full justification being made when any application is submitted and will be judged against the amount of land retained for open sporting purposes. There are current proposals for a new astro-turf pitch and pavilion with changing facilities.

Policy GI07 - Jackey Bakers

Jackey Bakers sports ground will be promoted as the long-term primary sports venue for Thanet. Where fully justified, the Council will permit ancillary development to subsidise the sports use.

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