Draft Thanet Local Plan - 2031 - Pre-Submission Publication, Regulation 19


13.36 The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) states that when preparing local plans, local planning authorities should support the expansion of electronic communications networks, including telecommunications and high speed broadband.

13.37 Mobile communications are now considered an integral part of the success of most business operations and individual lifestyles. With the growth of services such as mobile internet access, demand for new telecommunications is continuing to grow. The Council is keen to facilitate this expansion whilst at the same time minimising any environmental impacts. It is the Council's aim to reduce the proliferation of new masts by encouraging mast sharing and siting equipment on existing tall structures and buildings.

Policy QD07 - Telecommunications

Proposals for telecommunications development will be permitted provided that the following criteria are met.

1. The siting and appearance of the proposed apparatus and associated structures should seek to minimise impact on the visual amenity, character and appearance of the surrounding area.

2. If on a building, apparatus and associated structures should be sited and designed to minimise impact to the external appearance of the host building.

3. If proposing a new mast, it should be demonstrated that the applicant has explored the possibility of erecting apparatus on existing buildings, masts or other structures. Such evidence should accompany any application made to the Council.

4. If proposing development in a sensitive area, the development should not have an unacceptable effect on areas of ecological interest, areas of landscape importance, archaeological sites, conservation areas or buildings of architectural or historic interest.

When considering applications for telecommunications development, the Council will have regard to the operational requirements of telecommunications networks and the technical limitations of the technology.