Draft Thanet Local Plan - 2031 - Pre-Submission Publication, Regulation 19

Development in Conservation Areas

14.5 Conservation areas are designated by the Council where there is a valued distinctive character which the Council considers deserve special protection. Key elements of a conservation area include the architectural design or historic interest of buildings; the materials, colour and texture; the contribution of green and open spaces; street patterns and spaces between buildings; and views in and out of the area. The Council will review the boundaries of existing conservation areas and will consider the designation of new conservation areas as necessary and as resources allow.

14.6 The Council will not permit development which fails to retain those essential features upon which the character of a conservation area depends. These features may include natural features, trees, hedges, walls, fences, open areas and ground surfaces, as well as buildings and groups of buildings.

14.7 The character of conservation areas depends on the relationship of buildings to each other and their settings, in the local and wider context. The effect of a proposed development on the character or appearance of a Conservation Area is always a material consideration in the determination of planning applications. All development should preserve or enhance that character or appearance or local distinctiveness. It is also important that the spaces around and within the conservation area are retained, where they add to its character. The first step in the design process must, therefore, be an appraisal of the qualities of the area and the opportunity to reflect and improve on them. Such an appraisal should be submitted as part of a planning application.

14.8 Particular attention should be paid to conserving attractive views out of and into the area, including those from more distant or higher vantage points. Consideration should also be given to the assessment and mitigation against any negative impact the proposal might have on the townscape, roofscape, skyline and landscape.

Policy HE02 - Development in Conservation Areas

Within conservation areas, development proposals which preserve or enhance the character or appearance of the area, and accord with other relevant policies of this Plan, will be permitted, provided that:

Proposals for New Buildings

1. They respond sympathetically to the historic settlement pattern, plot sizes and plot widths, open spaces, streetscape, trees and landscape features,

2. They respond sympathetically to their setting, context and the wider townscape, including views into and out of conservation areas

3. The proportions of features and design details should relate well to each other and to adjoining buildings,

4. Walls, gates and fences are, as far as possible, of a kind traditionally used in the locality,

5. Conserve or enhance the significance of all heritage assets, their setting and the wider townscape, including views into and out of conservation areas

6. Demonstrate a clear understanding of the significance of heritage assets and of their wider context,

Proposals for Extensions

7. The character, scale and plan form of the original building are respected and the extension is subordinate to it and does not dominate principal elevations,

8. Appropriate materials and detailing are proposed and the extension would not result in the loss of features that contribute to the character or appearance of the conservation area.

New development which would detract from the immediate or wider landscape setting of any part of a conservation area will not be permitted.