Draft Thanet Local Plan - 2031 - Pre-Submission Publication, Regulation 19

Historic Parks and Gardens

14.23 Thanet has a number of important parks; gardens, planned squares, cemeteries and churchyards. These areas provide significant amenity areas for the immediate environs and support and enhance the setting of significant designated and non-designated heritage assets. Parks and gardens of particular historical importance are listed by English Heritage in a Register of Historic Parks and Gardens - Albion Place Gardens in Ramsgate is included in this register. Kent County Council's Historic Environment Record also includes a number of important gardens and urban spaces locally.

14.24 Planned parks such as Ellington Park and Dane Park were opened to the public in 1898 and include features such as ornate bandstands and fountains. Less formal areas include grounds to substantial historic houses such as George V in Ramsgate (former residence of Sir Moses Montefiore), Pierremont Park and Northdown Park. The cemeteries at Margate and Ramsgate include a selection of fine memorials, cemetery buildings and mature trees.

14.25 Planned squares are evident within the towns and are typically set pieces subordinate to buildings. These are a particular feature of the coastal towns. Examples include Hawley Square in Margate and Vale Square in Ramsgate where high quality amenity space is closely related to the setting of listed buildings with a high degree of openness and permeability.

14.26 Both registered and non-registered parks and gardens are important because of their design or design history, the plants they contain; their historic significance; or their relationship with adjacent buildings and structures. In many cases, the designed open space is an important element of the design of the surrounding built environment. The Council will resist changes that would harm the character or setting of important parks and gardens, important plant material (particularly trees), views and other features.

In recognising the importance of these heritage assets the following policy applies.

Policy HE04 - Historic Parks and Gardens

Planning permission will not be granted for any development that will adversely affect the visual, historical or horticultural character of an historic park or garden or its setting, whether or not it is included on the statutory register.