Draft Thanet Local Plan - 2031 - Pre-Submission Publication, Regulation 19

Coastal Development

15.21 There are a number of other discrete areas of flood risk around the coastline; however, the majority of coastline is at risk of erosion and not flooding. Coastal defences have an approximate lifespan of 50 years. If there appears to be an economic justification for maintaining them then they will be maintained; however, feasibility work does not always indicate that a project will be successful in achieving funding, and in such cases defences may cease to be maintained.

15.22 The Isle of Grain to South Foreland Shoreline Management Plan (SMP) provides a large-scale assessment of the risks associated with coastal evolution and presents a policy framework to address these risks to people and the developed, historic and natural environment in a sustainable manner. It also includes an action plan to facilitate implementation of the SMP policies and monitor progress. The following seeks to ensure that new development is not put at risk from coastal erosion.

Policy CC03 - Coastal Development

Proposals for new development within 40 metres of the coastline or clifftop must demonstrate to the satisfaction of the Council that it will not:

1. Expose people and property to the risks of coastal erosion and flooding, or

2. Accelerate coastal erosion due to increased surface water run off before planning permission can be granted.