Draft Thanet Local Plan - 2031 - Pre-Submission Publication, Regulation 19

Potentially Polluting Development

16.3 Activities with the potential to pollute are controlled by wide ranging powers under pollution control legislation. However, the effects of development that might cause the release of pollutants to water, land or air, or from noise, dust, vibration, light, odour or heat, are material considerations when deciding whether or not to grant planning permission. The Council will require any application to include sufficient information to enable the risk of pollution to be assessed.

Policy SE01 - Potentially Polluting Development

Development with potential to pollute will be permitted only where:

1. Applicable statutory pollution controls and siting will effectively and adequately minimise the impact upon existing and proposed land uses and the environment including the effects, including cumulative effects, on health, the natural environment such as significant natural and heritage assets, or general amenity resulting from the release of pollutants to water, land or air or from noise, dust, vibration, light, odour or heat; and

In determining individual proposals, regard will be paid to:

2. The economic and wider social need for the development; and

3. The visual impact of measure needed to comply with any statutory environmental quality standards or objectives.

4. where there is an impact and the development is acceptable, a suitable mitigation is proposed to the satisfaction of the pollution control regimes.

Permission for development which is sensitive to pollution will be permitted only if it is sufficiently separated from any existing or potential source of pollution as to reduce pollution impact upon health, the natural environment or general amenity to an acceptable level, and adequate safeguarding and mitigation on residential amenity.