Draft Thanet Local Plan - 2031 - Pre-Submission Publication, Regulation 19

18 - Transport

Transport Assessments and Travel Plans

18.1 Development proposals may need to be accompanied by and judged against transport assessments or statements to assess the impact of development on the highway network and what improvements to transport infrastructure may be needed to accommodate them. Proposals likely to have significant transport implications will also require submission of a travel plan indicating measures to improve accessibility and promote sustainable and low carbon emission travel, such as electric vehicle charging infrastructure. Where feasible, development schemes should incorporate links to walking and cycling networks and/or contribute proportionately to their extension, rationalisation and improvement. Proposals should have regard to the route networks promoted in the walking and cycling strategies and integrate with them and with public transport routes and services. Many people will still choose to travel by car, and development may also need to provide or contribute to improvements to the road network to reduce congestion and improve pedestrian movement and safety.

Policy TP01 - Transport Assessments and Travel Plans

Development proposals which the Council considers would have significant transport implications shall be supported by a Transport Assessment and where applicable a Travel Plan. These should show how multi-modal access travel options will be achieved, and how transport infrastructure needs arising from the expected demand will be provided.