Draft Thanet Local Plan - 2031 - Pre-Submission Publication, Regulation 19


18.2 Walking and cycling generally improve overall health and fitness levels, can reduce the number of cars on the network, reduce congestion, improve air quality and save money for the individual. Creating active street frontages, with more people walking and cycling, also reduces crime levels and can act as a catalyst for more people to become active. The quality, safety and convenience of access by foot, bicycle and public transport are all key factors in encouraging people to select alternative modes to the private car.

18.3 Thanet has a road network which largely accommodates footways on both sides, not only in the main towns and seaside settlements but also along the distributor routes connecting them. In the rural areas the Public Rights of Way network offers walkers (and sometimes horse riders and cyclists) a good connection across open countryside to the coast, rural settlements and end destinations, with some circular walks offering superb views of both coast and countryside combined. The Thanet Coastal Path follows the longest stretch of chalk coastline in the country, the route having been set up in the 1990s. The Viking Coastal Trail is good for casual walkers, offering good views out to sea. There are other signposted walks in Thanet, including the Turner and Dickens Walk linking Margate and Broadstairs.

18.4 In 2005 "Feet First," a local walking strategy for Thanet was published. This identifies barriers to walking in the district and aims to promote and enable walking, for example by specifying a network of routes for improvements.

Policy TP02 - Walking

New development will be expected to be designed so as to facilitate safe and convenient movement by pedestrians including people with limited mobility, elderly people and people with young children.

The Council will seek to approve proposals to provide and enhance safe and convenient walking routes including specifically connection to and between public transport stops, railway stations, town centres, residential areas, schools and other public buildings.