Draft Thanet Local Plan - 2031 - Pre-Submission Publication, Regulation 19


18.14 Buses have an important role to play in providing a flexible alternative to the private car. This Plan supports development that will facilitate greater use of and improvement to bus services. New development will be expected to provide or contribute towards appropriate improvements.

18.15 In 2000 a Quality Bus Partnership (QBP) was formed between Stagecoach, Thanet District and Kent County Council with the aim of increasing local bus patronage. The formation of the Partnership has seen investment in roadside infrastructure and new vehicles as well as other initiatives to improve services, such as the high frequency LOOP and STAR services. However, there are still areas of congestion and inefficiencies on the highway network that prevent the bus services running as well as they might. The QBP will continue to work to remove these restrictions.

18.16 All bus routes within Thanet are supported by an established QBP between three partners - the commercial bus operator (Stagecoach), Kent County Council and Thanet District Council. This group meets quarterly and includes attendance by Council members from both Local Authorities.

18.17 The purpose of the QBP is to co-ordinate all matters which might affect bus operation, including potential investment opportunities, which could range from new bus stock, localised highway improvements to compliment bus routes to new highway infrastructure associated with new development proposals.

18.18 The re-development of the bus route network in 2004 and the subsequent support for bus services through the QBP have established underlying growth in the bus network. Whilst the projected increases in passenger numbers in future years appear less dramatic in percentage terms they actually constitute greater absolute growth.

PolicTP04 PubliTransport

Development proposals will be expected to takaccount of thneed to facilitate use of public transport. The Council will seek to approve proposals consisting of or incorporating:

  1. improvement of passenger and waiting facilities
  2. measures to improve personal security
  3. improved accessibility for people with mobility limitations
  4. bus/rail interchange facilities
  5. secure cycle storage