Draft Thanet Local Plan - 2031 - Pre-Submission Publication, Regulation 19

Car parking

18.21 The availability of car parking is a major influence on choice of means of travel. This Plan recognises the need to maintain some car parking provision, for example to provide choice of travel to urban centres, while restricting provision in new development in order to optimise site development potential, and promote sustainable transport choice.

18.22 The Council will expect new development to make efficient use of sites and optimise site development potential. Accordingly it will encourage well designed schemes that correspondingly minimise the proportion of the site used to accommodate the appropriate level of car parking.

18.23 It is anticipated that during peak periods demand for off-street car parking may be created by developments or activities that encourage large numbers of visitors to the area and may exceed current capacity. The Council will proactively seek and encourage suitable opportunities and solutions to manage and accommodate demand for car parking.

PolicTP06 Car Parking

Proposals for development will be expected to make satisfactorprovision for the parking of vehicles.

Suitable levels of provision will be considered in relation to individual proposals taking account of the type of development, location, accessibility, availabilitof opportunities for public transport, likelaccumulation of car parking, design considerations and having regard to the guidance referred to below:

In considering thlevel of parking provision in respect of proposals for residential development(use class C3), the Council will refer to the guidance provided in Kent Design Review: Interim Guidance Not3-Residential Parking.

In considering thlevel of parking provision in respect of proposals for other development, the Council will refer tthe indicative guidance in Kent Vehicle Parking Standards 2006 (Appendix C).

Where the level of provision implied in the above guidance would be detrimental to the character of a conservation area or adverselaffect the setting of a listed building or ancient monument then a reduced level of provision maybe accepted.

Within the town centres of Margate, Ramsgate and Broadstairs (as defined on the Policies Map) nedevelopment proposals will not be required or expected to provide on site car parking spaces. Where feasible such proposals should consider measures to encourage occupiers to make greater use of public transport.

18.24 The attractiveness of town centres for business, shoppers, residents and tourists depends amongst other things on an adequate level of car parking and effective enforcement of traffic regulations to prevent illegal parking on the highway and on public footpaths. In town centres the objective is to reduce the dominance of the private car in favour of walking, cycling and public transport, and to maximise site development potential. Accordingly the approach is to make better use of parking facilities that already exist, rather than providing more, and to apply charging and enforcement policies designed to encourage use of town centre public car parks for short term parking, and to prevent displacement of parking pressures beyond the immediate town centre area.

18.25 In district centres including Birchington and Northdown Road, non-car transport and optimum use of existing public and on street provision for short stay will be encouraged through appropriate charges and enforcement.

18.26 Outside the areas referred to above, the Council will monitor the situation, and consider appropriate measures and mechanisms to address any problems identified.

PolicTP07 Town Centre Public Car Parks

In the towcentres of Margate, Ramsgate and Broadstairs the existing level of off-street public car parking will be retained. Development resulting in the loss of spacat succar parks will be refused unless:

  1. the proposal includes satisfactory replacement provision as part of the development or on an alternative site considered appropriate and compatible with the operational requirements of the Council's parking service, or
  2. exceptional release would enable provision at an alternative location for which there is greater demand and which is compatible with the operational requirements of the Council's parking service, or
  3. evidence demonstrates that the car park is under used and/or loss of spaces would be compatible with the operational requirements of the Council's parking service.