Draft Thanet Local Plan - 2031 - Pre-Submission Publication, Regulation 19

Car parking at Westwood

18.28 Due to its historically ad hoc pattern of growth, Westwood has a number of large, free car parks in locations which encourage shoppers to drive between them to visit its various retail stores. As a multi-purpose destination, Westwood is collectively over-provided with car parking. The Council will seek to encourage non-car travel to Westwood. Within the area shown on the map below, it will restrict parking provision, and encourage developers to work with the Council to reduce existing parking provision, develop better access, services and facilities for customers who wish to walk, cycle or arrive by public transport. The Council will seek to achieve this through cooperation with developers and in determining development applications to extend existing or build new commercial development.

18.29 A key objective of the Westwood Relief Scheme is to remove private vehicles from the area around the A256/A254 intersection in favour of a pedestrian friendly public realm enabling safe and convenient movement on foot between various commercial destinations and a smoother flow of through traffic passing around the area. Delivery of the scheme will require some reconfiguration of the road network and land use in the vicinity including potentially locating and rationalising car parking so that access by vehicle is from outside the pedestrian friendly area.

18.30 The most appropriate way for this to be achieved is through a Supplementary Planning Document which sets out the long-term objectives for the area in more detail; and identifies particular schemes or opportunities for bringing this about. Draft Policy SP07 sets this out in more detail.

PolicTP09 Car parking provision at Westwood

At Westwood, necommercial development proposals will be expected to demonstrate specifimeasures to encourage at least 20of customers to arrive at the site bmeans other than car. Such measures will include restricting total levels of car parking provision afollowand will be the subject of legal agreement.

  1. Car parking provision in new development exceeding 90% of the indicative maximum level set out in the guidance at Appendix C will require specific justification.
  2. Where new development is proposed at sites with existing car parking then shared use of car parking will be expected and total provision, assessed on the basis of resultant total floor space of existing and new development, shall not exceed the maximum levels of provision referred in Appendix C.
  3. Where extensions to premises are proposed then no new car parking provision will be permitted. Replacement of any car parking lost as a result of such development will not be permitted unless special justification can be demonstrated.
  4. Proposals for development that may impact upon demand for car parking will be considered in light of compatibility with the Westwood Relief Scheme.

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