The Cliftonville Development Plan Document - is it 'sound'?

Cliftonville DPD - Proposed Submission Document - Online


Cliftonville will become a clean, safe, amiable place where families and individuals will want to live and take pride in.

Existing buildings will be well maintained, enhancing the special architectural quality and historic value of the area. There will be a demand for properties within the area and new development will be well designed with an attractive townscape incorporating high quality hard and soft landscaping and encouraging biodiversity.

There will be a strong community spirit and residents will have pride in the area. The community will be a mixed and settled one including families with children living in accommodation suited to their needs, a range of household sizes including apartments and family sized homes with gardens and high quality public green spaces.

Cliftonville will be home to a number of quality hotels able to accommodate the tourism generated by the regeneration of Margate and changing holiday patterns.

Northdown Road will be a bustling, diverse area with a thriving 'high street' attracting independent retailers. Local people and tourists will enjoy their shopping experience in Northdown Road. New enterprises will support existing businesses and leisure facilities along the sea front, reflecting and enhancing the natural beauty of the coastline.