The Cliftonville Development Plan Document - is it 'sound'?

Cliftonville DPD - Proposed Submission Document - Online

2 Conformity and Links with other Strategies and Initiatives

National Policies

2.1 The aims of the Cliftonville DPD reflect the government's aims to promote socially inclusive communities, including sustainable mixes of housing, and address the impact that the intensive development of flats has had on the social fabric of the community (PPS1). Government guidance increases the emphasis on the need for housing and planning policies to support mixed and sustainable communities, and seeks to ensure that everyone has the opportunity of living in a decent home, which they can afford in a community in which they want to live. It seeks to achieve a wide choice of high quality homes to address the requirements of the community and create sustainable, inclusive, mixed communities and high quality housing that is well designed and built to a high standard. PPS1 also states that good design should contribute positively to making places better for people and that design which is inappropriate in its context, or which fails to improve the character and quality of an area and the way it functions, should not be accepted. It seeks to actively bring vacant and under-used previously developed land and buildings back into beneficial use, as well as protecting the historic environment and townscape character

2.2 This DPD furthers the aims of PPG13 in seeking to provide good quality cycle parking in developments to promote more cycle use. PPG13 seeks to reduce the need to travel, especially by car, stating that the planning system has a substantial influence on the safety of pedestrians, cyclists and occupants of vehicles through the design and layout of footpaths, cycleway and roads. Planning can also influence road safety through its control of new development and PPG3 promotes the need to avoid on-street parking in areas adjacent to development with limited on-site parking

2.3 Encouraging tourist accommodation in Cliftonville echoes Government's 'Good Practice Guide on Planning for Tourism' which states that tourism can be the focus of regeneration of urban areas, providing a catalyst for growth in an area, raising its profile and stabilising out-migration. The good practice guide also acknowledges that proposals involving high quality design improve the visual and environmental experience for visitors and the local community.