The Cliftonville Development Plan Document - is it 'sound'?

Cliftonville DPD - Proposed Submission Document - Online

Output Indicators

Indicator 3
% of single bed and/or non self-contained accommodation proposed in Cliftonville West Renewal Area and in 'other monitoring areas' (see notes below).
(Baseline 2005: 44%, 2006:17%, 2007:13%, 2008:10%)
0% applications within the Renewal Area within 6 months of adoption of Policy and Guidance.
Nil % increase in 'selected monitoring areas'.
Planning applications received

Indicator 4
% of single bed and/or non self-contained accommodation permitted in Cliftonville West Renewal Area and in 'other monitoring areas'.
(Baseline 2005: 27%, 2006: 18%, 2007: 0%, 2008: 0%)
0% permissions within the Renewal Area following introduction of policy and guidance.
Nil increase in % in other 'monitoring areas'.
Planning applications for planning permission granted

Indicator 5
Net loss of family housing
Number of planning applications granted as a departure to policy CV2

Indicator 6
Indicies of Multiple Deprivation rankings
Increase ranking towards the District Average
(Baseline: see Table 1 in Section 1)
Indices of Multiple Deprivation Rankings

Notes Regarding Output Indicators

5.7 Indicators 3 & 4 refer to % of total dwelling units proposed/permitted in planning applications for new build and converted residential accommodation being single bed flats or non-self contained. In order to ensure that the policy and guidance are not resulting in displacement of pressures to provide single bedroom/non-self contained accommodation, indicators 3 and 4 will also be applied to 'other monitoring areas' in the District which may be vulnerable to displacement pressures. Such areas are to be defined by relevant statistical analysis and will include a buffer area around the Renewal Area itself.


5.8 This DPD is being produced as it is considered that urgent policy intervention is necessary to address the issues of quality accommodation, useable amenity space and the other issues which cumulatively contribute to the deprivation of the area. However, this DPD is part of a number of other Council initiatives to improve the area, and there may be scope for the future production of an Area Action Plan, incorporating the original Renewal Area and extended Renewal Areas, at which point this DPD can be supplemented to ensure the Cliftonville area continues to improve to a level at which long term residents, and their families and friends, are attracted to the area to live, work and enjoy their leisure.