The Cliftonville Development Plan Document - is it 'sound'?

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Family Housing

7.13 Figures set out in this document clearly demonstrate the excessive proportion of small flatted and rented accommodation within the policy area. However, the area does still retain a number of properties currently used as, or capable of being used as, single-family accommodation.

boarded up family house

7.14 The key issue for Cliftonville is to re-establish a balanced community. However, the over dominance of small flats occupied by one or two people, often only living in the area for a short period of time, clearly contributes to the imbalance. Given this imbalance it is appropriate and necessary to ensure that existing accommodation, suitable for occupation by families, is retained. The following policy seeks to ensure that family homes remain available to families or those who use them as a single household.


Planning permission for the subdivision of properties, currently or last lawfully used as single-family accommodation, or by a single household, will not be permitted.

Single family or single household accommodation may relate to a property with two or more bedrooms but no maximum number is specified.

  • Policy CV2 will apply where the current or last lawful use of a property falls within Class C3 of the Town and Country Planning (Use Classes) Order 1987 (as amended):
    Use as a dwellinghouse (whether or not as a sole or main residence)
    a) by a single person or by people living together as a family, or
    b) by not more than six residents living together as a single household (including a household where care is provided for residents).

Provision of Family Housing in new Developments
7.15 In seeking to make Cliftonville a prosperous and attractive community again, it is important that attention is focused on how new development can contribute to this and not just on controlling conversions and retaining family housing. Given that the accommodation mix is currently heavily skewed towards flatted accommodation it is important that development on new residential sites contributes to changing this pattern. The provision of high quality family housing would help redress the balance of accommodation mix and reduce the current transient trend of residents that develops from a high number of flats. There will still be many properties brought forward for conversion rather than redevelopment. Therefore it is appropriate to introduce policy that requires consideration in the first instance to new development or redevelopment sites providing only family housing and precluding flats and apartments.

7.16 This approach could result in conflict with design and townscape issues where smaller family homes may be proposed adjacent to existing more substantial larger scale property. Notwithstanding this potential conflict, innovative design solutions may enable appropriate solutions to be reached to the overall benefit of the area.


In new development or redevelopment flats of any size will not be permitted unless it can be clearly demonstrated that there are overriding design or townscape reasons for allowing such development and that no acceptable design solution can be found to accommodate individual family dwellings.

*For the purpose of this policy individual family dwellings are defined as houses/bungalows (excluding flats) with their own front door, a minimum of 2 bedrooms and with their own accessible and exclusive private amenity space at the rear of the property