Proposed Modifications to the Thanet Local Plan

Policies Map Modifications

This section details where changes to the Local Plan have resulted in consequential changes to the policies map, or where corrections need to be made, for example where a site has been deleted. The Policies Map is not a development plan document but a geographical illustration of the policies contained within the Local Plan. As such, the Inspector cannot recommend main modifications to it.    

Please click on the links below to view and comment on the modifications proposed to the Policies Map:

01 - Job Growth Strategy (SP04, SP05)

02 - Town Centre Strategy(SP06, SP07, SP09, SP10, E04, E05)

03 - Housing Strategy (SP18, SP18A)

06 - Transport Strategy (SP47)

07 - Economy (E06)

11 - Housing (HO1, HO3, HO10, HO12)

15 - Climate Change (CC07)

17 - Communities (CM03)

18 - Transport (TP06/TP07


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