Draft Thanet Local Plan - 2031 - Pre-Submission Publication, Regulation 19

Transport Infrastructure

6.12 The draft Transport Strategy aims to promote walking, cycling and use of public transport as well as improvements to the road network to facilitate sustainable choice and safe and convenient travel. Where the need for improvements arises wholly or largely from proposed development the developer will be expected to contribute towards required improvements as set out in the draft Transport Strategy and the draft Infrastructure Delivery Plan (IDP).

6.13 While this Plan seeks to increase use of sustainable modes of transport, people will continue to make use of private cars and planned growth will increase travel demand. There are a number of locations where traffic flow issues need to be addressed. These are "Victoria" traffic lights Margate, Coffin House Corner Margate, Marine Terrace Margate, Dane Court Roundabout Broadstairs and the "Spitfire" junction. Any new transport links also need to serve new development and relieve the pressure on the urban route network.

6.14 The Council, together with Kent County Council, is proposing a new Inner Circuit, which is set out under the Strategic Routes Policy SP47.

PolicSP43 Transport Infrastructure

Development proposals will be assessed in terms of the type and level of travel demand likelto be generated. Development will be permitted onlat such time as proper provision is made to ensure deliverof relevant transport infrastructure. Wherappropriatedevelopment will be expected to contribute to the provision, extension or improvement, of walking and cycling routes and facilities and to highway improvements.

Subject to individual assessments,schemes maybe required to provide or contribute to:

  1. Capacity improvements/connections to the cycle network
  2. Provision of pedestrian links with public transport routes/interchanges
  3. Improvements to passenger waiting facilities
  4. Facilities for display of approach time information at bus stops along identified quality bus corridors
  5. Improvement and expansion of public transport services
  6. Improvements to the road network in line with schemes identified through the Transport Strategy.