Cliffsend Neighbourhood Plan Area


Residents have to travel out of the village for schools and doctor or dentist services.

Several businesses are run from homes.

In 2012 the East Kent Access Road scheme was opened, designed to take lorries and through traffic away from the village. Traffic Calming is currently being planned to ensure that this objective is met.

The New East Kent Access Road intersects the village at the same point as the railway line, though this is via a tunnel, so the effect on the village is minimal. Both the A299 and A256 have been replaced by this scheme, and will no longer be the main roads, though they will continue to serve the village.

There are limited buses serving the village, connecting to Ramsgate, Minster, Sandwich and Canterbury, but none run in the evenings or on Sundays.

Although the Canterbury to Ramsgate railway line runs through the village, there is no station, with the nearest stations being Minster (4 km) and Ramsgate (3 km).

Access from the new road to the village can be gained from the Lord of the Manor Thanet Intersection south on the old A256; from the Ebbfleets Roundabout and east along the old A256; from the Sevenscore roundabout along Cottington Link road; and at the Cliffsend roundabout heading east on the old A299.