Proposed Modifications to the Thanet Local Plan

This consultation has now closed.

The council is consulting on Main Modifications to the Pre-Submission Publication Thanet Local Plan July 2018, that was submitted for examination on 30 October 2018.  The Examination hearings took place between 02/04/19 and 18/07/19.

Following the Examination hearing sessions, formal representations on the proposed Main Modifications are now invited from the public and interested parties. A number of changes are proposed to the previous ‘Pre-Submission Publication Regulation 19’ version of the Local Plan in order to make the Plan sound. These changes are available for comment online and are shown in chapter order below, and can also be downloaded as PDFs.

The schedules include the text as it appeared in the pre-submission version of the plan with new text  underlined and deleted text  struckthrough.   

Please note that the Policy numbering reflects the Policy numbering in the Regulation 19 Publication draft Local Plan (July 2018). Where new policies have been added, these have been given the nearest Policy number with a suffix letter ‘a’. It is the intention of the Council to renumber the policies (and any consequent cross-referencing) at the point of Adoption.

This consultation is only about the proposed Main Modifications and Policies Map changes. They are put forward without prejudice to the Inspector’s final conclusions, and all representations made will be taken into account by the Inspectors.  Therefore please note:

  • Comments can only be made on the proposed Main Modifications.
  • This is not the opportunity to make comments on other aspects of the Plan.
  • If you submitted comments during the pre-submission consultation Regulation 19 undertaken between 23 August 2018 and 4 October 2018, the Inspector has considered these during the examination and there is no need to make these again.

The comments received on this consultation will be forwarded to the Inspectors who will then issue their Report and Recommendations.

Guidance Notes on commenting on the Proposed Modifications are available here

Reviews of the Sustainability Appraisal and Habitats Regulations Assessment have also been carried out to assess the proposed modifications to the Plan.

Please comment using the links below.  Comments must be received by 5pm, 27th January 2020.

Introduction - Strategic Proposals (includes implementation policy, new Spatial Strategy - Housing policy and Review Policy)

Chapter 1 - Economic Strategy (includes modifications to SP02, SP03, SP04, SP05 (Manston airport) )

Chapter 2 - Town Centre Strategy (includes policies for each of the Thanet towns and Westwood - modifications to SP06, SP07, SP08, SP09, SP10 )

Chapter 3 - Housing Strategy (includes housing numbers and strategic housing allocations - modifications to SP11, SP12, policies SP13 - SP18, SP18A - formerly HO2, SP19, SP20)

Chapter 4 - Environment Strategy (includes green wedges, protection of environmental sites and mitigation strategy - modifications to SP21, SP22, SP24, SP25, SP26, SP27, SP28, SP29, SP30, SP31, SP32, SP33, SP35)

Chapter 5 - Community Strategy (includes new medical centre at Westwood, expansion of schools - modifications to SP37, SP38, SP40)

Chapter 6 - Transport Strategy (includes strategic road network, Parkway station - modifications to SP43, SP44, SP45, SP46, SP47)

Chapter 7 - Economy (includes retention of employment sites, home working, digital infrastructure - modifications to E01, E02, E03)

Chapter 8 - Town and District Centres (includes primary and secondary frontages, sequential test - modifications to E04, E05, E06)

Chapter 9 - Tourism (includes tourist accommodation, Thanet's beaches, language schools, Quex park - modifications to E07, E08, E09, E10-E12, E13, E14)

Chapter 10 - Rural Economy (includes economic development in the rural area, farm diversification - modifications to E15, E16, E17, E18, E19)

Chapter 11 - Housing (includes non-strategic housing allocations, retention of housing stock, ancillary accommodation, fostering homes - modifications to HO1, HO2 - HO9, HO10, HO11, HO12 - HO17, HO18, HO19, HO20, HO21, HO22, HO23, HO24, HO25, HO26)

Chapter 12 - Green Infrastructure (includes national and local wildlife sites, green space, play areas, playing fields - modifications to GI01, GI02, GI03, GI05, GI06, GI07)

Chapter 13 - Quality Development (includes sustainable design, general design principles, technical standards - modifications to QD01, QD02, QD03, QD05)

Chapter 14 - Heritage (includes archaeology, conservation areas, heritage assets - modifications to HE03, HE04)

Chapter 15 - Climate Change (includes flooding, renewable energy, solar parks - modifications to CC01, CC02, CC03, CC04, CC05, CC06, CC07)

Chapter 16 - Safe and Healthy Environment (includes pollution - land, air, noise & light, groundwater protection - modifications to SE03, SE04, SE08)

Chapter 17 - Communities (includes community facilities, cemeteries - modifications to CM01, CM02, CM03, CM04)

Chapter 18 - Transport (includes walking, cycling, public transport, coach & car parking - modifications to TP01, TP06, TP07, TP08, TP09)

Appendix B - Housing Allocations and Permissions (includes estimated phasing of delivery)

Policies Map Changes

Additional Modifications


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