Proposed Modifications to the Thanet Local Plan

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Respondent Dave Corsby [View all comments by this respondent]
Response Date 24 Jan 2020

Parts of the Local Plan have been overtaken by the Government recognition of the need to mitigate the effects of Global Warming. The Government are supporting replanting of woodland and are embarking on environmental issues which include the preservation of agricultural land.
The overwhelming objection by local residents to allowing house building on precious agricultural land has been ignored.
The present draft local plan undervalues best and most versatile agricultural land and ignores the fact that agricultural land is lost forever if it is built on.
With the UK importing 40% of our food the present draft local plan allows housebuilding on farmland without taking any account of the need for future targets for self sufficiency.
The present draft plan will ruin Thanet and destroy farmland and overstretch education, healthcare, roads and parking.