Proposed Modifications to the Thanet Local Plan

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Respondent Marie Nagy - Teal Planning Ltd [View all comments by this respondent]
Response Date 24 Jan 2020

Maximum Number of New Homes
Allowing for additional units to be provided, above that currently permitted through the reserved matter approvals, is supported and is allowed within the existing planning provisions for the development. Additional flexibility however is requested to enable the total number of units to be more than 1020 units if demonstrated to be appropriate through any future re-planning of the areas that have not yet started and in the interest of the good planning of these spaces. We accordingly request that the policy is amended to read ‘in the region of’ or ‘around 1020 units’.

This follows the extant provisions for the development that set out the release of commercial and community spaces, if the marketing of these confirms they are not required in full or in part. If these spaces are released, they will provide opportunities for additional new housing. Also, possible re-planning of existing approved housing areas, which have not yet started within the development, may provide opportunities to deliver additional new homes. It is not currently envisaged that the total number of new residential units within the development will go above 1,020 units, but flexibility in the wording of the policy will enable any re-plan areas to be reconsidered based on sound design and masterplanning principals rather than being constrained by a specified rigid maximum number.

Medical Facility
The extant planning approval for the development includes provision of two buildings which are (part) available for a medical facility. These were approved based on (1) the obligations set out within the outline planning approval for a much smaller medical facility of 0.2ha and (2) the understanding of the NHS’s potential requirements when the detailed site plans were approved.

The approved spaces do not equate to 2ha and no re-plan areas exist within the development to provide for such a large facility. Keeping this requirement in the site allocation policy will not ensure it is provided, as there is no basis for this to be revisited in space planning terms. Representations to this effect have been made previously and the background and circumstances here remain unchanged.

Continued reference to a 2ha medical facility is undeliverable and contrary to the requirements of the new Local Plan to be effective. If must be removed.