Proposed Modifications to the Thanet Local Plan

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Response Date 27 Jan 2020

GP surgeries and dentists, schools and the local hospital are already struggling to cope with the current population level. With proposals to close the Stroke Unit and Accident and Emergency units are Margate hospital it seems ludicrous to develop apparently every available field. My husband has a heart condition that leaves him at a higher risk of stroke so this greatly concerns me. I have no faith the necessary new surgeries and schools will be built in the time frame required and Westgate and Birchington would require a new secondary school as well as 2 new primary schools.

Westgate has flooded in the past with loss of life, the land helps absorb water to prevent flooding. Given we are at the beginning of a drastic change in our climate which promises more extreme wedding events like flooding I am not convinced the developers Millwood are allowing for this they are planning for 1 in 100 year risk of flooding we are now at 3 potential flooding events in a 100 years. This past year has seen some the of the longest and heaviest rain events on record.

We need our fields to absorb carbon and preserve biodiversity all of which helps reverse climate change along with locally produced food that reduces the carbon footprint in it's production. We can't do this if we build on our prime grade 1 agricultural land.

At the meeting Millwood the developer hosted I discovered they plan to use air pump heating systems. I was disappointed no one was there who could explain how the system works. I have since found out the system can circulate viruses and bad smells around the home. Surely this is not advisable as it would create a higher risk of the spread of illnesses to the residents and the wider community.

I still do not think this local plan is fit for purpose and should not be implemented it is allowing for over development of our beautiful at present semi rural and seaside area.