Proposed Modifications to the Thanet Local Plan

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Response Date 28 Jan 2020
While spending hours petitioning on Birchington's doorsteps, it became clear to me that carrying out Thanet's proposed Local Plan would be considered the height of irresponsibility. Many reasons were pointed out:
  1.  Grade 1 land should be regarded as special. The country's home-grown produce is currently at 60% and falling. If we are going to treat our best farmland in such a cavalier manner, how will we cope if the Brexit bargaining goes against us? And what's the point of rating it Grade 1 when it's treated with no more respect than for pouring concrete and tarmac over it?
  2. Brexit may lessen demand for immigration, in which case Thanet's Local Plan will be obsolete.
  3. Infrastructure is already inadequate to the task, and extra people will load more horror stories onto the NHS, the police force, schools, social services, water suppliers (flood and drought), etc.
  4. Thanet's unemployment is the highest in Kent. What sense is there in adding more with all the negative repercussions?
  5. All development should now be on brownfield sites, not greenbelt.
  6. London boroughs should not be allowed to use our local countryside as a dumping ground. 
  7. The fears of violence and intimidation being experienced by numerous local residents, are shocking. Elderly people, especially those living beside the proposed huge building sites, should be consulted about the expected influx. New cultures and religions would change Birchington's character.
  8. Birchington's character would also be altered by the expected increase of some 5,000 to its current population of 10,000.
  9. Our farmland should not be allowed to play host to cheap second homes for the rich.
  10. Derelict properties should be restored.
  11. Climate Change screams out the need to protect this soil. Yet the Plan exhibits a lack of foresight that is unbelievable! Generations of people not yet born will have less and less land to feed themselves. So much for food security!
  12. Thanet's endangered wildlife - such as bats, brown hares, hen harriers and sky-larks - will be even more at risk if their habitats are destroyed.
  13. Our fragile archaeolgical heritage should not be demolished for commercial reasons or any other ones.
If TDC's wretched Local Plan is allowed to go ahead, it will be dead against the wishes of the isle's residents. They know that when these acres have gone, they will be gone forever - no turning back. Conversely, if at this 11th hour the acres are indeed regarded as special, you will have earned the praise of everyone on the Isle of Thanet plus those of future generations.