Proposed Revisions to Draft Local Plan (Preferred Options)

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Response Date 17 Mar 2017
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Highways and Transportation

KCC – as Local Highway Authority – recommends that consideration is given to the inclusion of a requirement for the provision of a new internal spine road to local distributor standard, together with appropriately designed junctions at both Shottendane Road and Manston Road. This will ensure that any proposed development on this site will adequately accommodate appropriate road, footway and cycle access to local amenities and the wider highway network.


The County Council – as Local Waste Disposal Authority – considers that this proposed strategic site allocation is located within approximately 250 metres of the Margate Household Waste Recycling Centre. Policy CSW 16: Safeguarding of Existing Waste Management Facilities of the adopted Kent and Minerals and Waste Local Plan 2013-2030 (MWLP) seeks to protect sites safeguarded for waste management uses from incompatible development, and consequently, a loss of overall waste management capacity in Kent. In addition, Policy DM8: Safeguarded Minerals Management, Transportation, Production and Waste Management Facilities ensures that any identified amenity impacts are mitigated by proposed development and in turn enables development to be acceptable in all material planning considerations.

Therefore, the County Council recommends the inclusion of a clause requiring that consideration is given to Policies CSW 16 and DM 8 of the adopted Kent MWLP 2013-2030 (July 2016), to ensure the identification of the potential impacts of new development on existing waste management capacity and associated mitigation measures.

Sustainable Urban Drainage

The County Council – as Lead Local Flood Authority – recommends the inclusion of sustainable drainage as a key consideration in masterplanning and requirement within the policy wording for this allocated site. Further engagement with the District Council on this matter would be welcomed.

Heritage Conservation

The proposed strategic site allocation lies within a rich archaeological landscape. Complexes of ring ditches, indicating the presence of a prehistoric funerary landscape, as well as the presence of an Anglo-Saxon cemetery fall within the proposed development area. Therefore, any development proposals brought forward should seek to avoid the areas of greatest significance, and further archaeological assessment is required to determine the potential impact of proposals in other areas. Additionally, measures to safeguard the significance of heritage assets identified should be included in any development proposal.

Therefore, the inclusion of the following policy wording is recommended so that masterplanning shall:

"take into account the archaeological heritage of the site and be informed by appropriate assessment, survey and field evaluation".


The County Council recommends that the draft policy for this proposed strategic site allocation should state that any masterplan for the site will be informed by up-to-date ecological surveys, and that the site plan will be designed to retain ecological interest. In addition, the draft policy should ensure that any development proposal demonstrates the incorporation of enhancements.