Draft Thanet Local Plan - 2031 - Pre-Submission Publication, Regulation 19


The consultation documentation is still available to view and download but you can no longer submit your comments. If you log in you will still be able to view and print your own representations.

The representations are available to view. Please click on the relevant section of the plan below, then the relevant chapter, and click the "View Comments" box at the end of each section. Alternatively you can search for comments by scrolling down to the bottom of this page and clicking the 'view comments' link.

 The Council is inviting representations on the 'soundness' of the draft Local Plan to 2031 - please see the guidance notes for more information on 'soundness'.

Please see the Step by Step guide for details of how to comment on this consultation.

This is the last chance to make comments before the plan is submitted to the Secretary of State for independent examination. Representations received will be sent directly to the Secretary of State for consideration. Comments made at previous consultations in the local plan process will not be forwarded - only representations received at this stage will be considered by the independent planning inspector.

The easiest way to read the document and make comments is online - please click the relevant links below (the description beside each chapter may not include all issues covered) which will take you to a page listing all of the policies in that chapter. Clicking the policy will take you to the relevant section of the document where you will be able to make your comment.  You can see the whole policies map here, and there are some links after site specific policies to the relevant parts of the policies map.

Introduction - Strategic Proposals (includes implementation policy)

Chapter 1 - Economic Strategy (includes Manston Airport)

Chapter 2 - Town Centre Strategy (includes policies for each of the Thanet towns and Westwood)

Chapter 3 - Housing Strategy (includes housing numbers and strategic housing allocations)

Chapter 4 - Environment Strategy (includes green wedges, protection of environmental sites and mitigation strategy)

Chapter 5 - Community Strategy (includes new medical centre at Westwood, expansion of schools)

Chapter 6 - Transport Strategy (includes strategic road network, Parkway station)

Chapter 7 - Economy (includes retention of employment sites, home working, digital infrastructure)

Chapter 8 - Town and District Centres (includes primary and secondary frontages, sequential test)

Chapter 9 - Tourism (includes tourist accommodation, Thanet's beaches, language schools, Quex park)

Chapter 10 - Rural Economy (includes economic development in the rural area, farm diversification)

Chapter 11 - Housing (includes non-strategic housing allocations, retention of housing stock, ancillary accommodation, fostering homes)

Chapter 12 - Green Infrastructure (includes national and local wildlife sites, green space, play areas, playing fields)

Chapter 13 - Quality Development (includes sustainable design, general design principles, technical standards)

Chapter 14 - Heritage (includes archaeology, conservation areas, heritage assets)

Chapter 15 - Climate Change (includes flooding, renewable energy, solar parks)

Chapter 16 - Safe and Healthy Environment (includes pollution - land, air, noise & light, groundwater protection)

Chapter 17 - Communities (includes community facilities, cemeteries)

Chapter 18 - Transport (includes walking, cycling, public transport, coach & car parking)

Appendix A - Superseded Policies

Appendix B - Housing Allocations and Permissions (includes estimated phasing of delivery)

Appendix C - Parking Standards

Appendix D - Glossary

Supporting Evidence Base documents for this stage in the process are available under the 'Documents' section - please scroll down to find them. Other evidence base documents are available on the Councils Local Plan Evidence Base page.The consultation documents are available at all local libraries, at Pierremont Hall in Broadstairs and at Custom House in Ramsgate.  Paper copies of the Local Plan will be accompanied by an Addendum (the online version and downloadable PDF incorporate the changes set out in the Addendum).

You can download a copy of the consultation document here and comments form here. Please remember to include your name, address and post code so we can keep you informed about the progress of the Local Plan.  Hard copies of the draft local plan are available to order, however delivery won't be immediate due to printing times, and there will be a charge for printed copies.

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We are also seeking comments on:

  • The Sustainability Appraisal. This document assesses the sustainability of all of the policies in the draft Local Plan to 2031 including the proposed revisions. 
    Comment online  Sustainability Appraisal,   download a copy of the main document here or download comments form here.
  • The Transport Strategy. This document sets out a framework of transport policy to support planned growth.
    Comment online Transport Strategy, download a copy of the main document here, comment online here or download comments form here.
  • Landscape Character Assessment. This document is being consulted on with the intention to adopt it as a Supplementary Planning Document.  
    To view the document and make comments, please follow this link Landscape Character Area Consultation.

This consultation has now closed.


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    23 Aug 2018 at 12:00
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    4 Oct 2018 at 17:00

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