The Cliftonville Development Plan Document - is it 'sound'?


After much consultation with local people, the Council has produced its planning policy document for the Cliftonville West area.

The next stage in the planning policy process is for a 6 week period where people can make representations on the 'soundness' of the document, before it is submitted to the Secretary of State for a public examination.


Please click here to see the online document, and see below for how to comment.

The representations period runs from 19th June until the 7th August.  Please note your representation should cover succinctly all the information, evidence and supporting information necessary to support/justify the representation and the suggested change, as there will not normally be a subsequent opportunity to make further representations based on the original representation at publication stage. After this stage, further submissions will be only at the request of the Inspector, based on the matters and issues he/she identifies for examination.

There are a number of associated documents with the Cliftonville DPD which can be accessed by clicking the following links:
Guidance Notes on How to Comment
Sustainability Appraisal Report
Habitats Regulations Assessment
Statement of the Representations Procedure/Statement of Publication
Statement of Consultation
List of Evidence Base documents (including web-links where available)

To comment using our on-line document, please register on this site. (You will only be required to register once, and will then be able to participate in all future planning consultations using this site).

This consultation has now closed.

The Cliftonville DPD, and comments received through this consultation, have now been submitted to the Secretary of State for independant examination.

Please check the website for the latest information.


  • Opened
    19 Jun 2009 at 00:00
  • Closed
    7 Aug 2009 at 23:59

Consultation Documents

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